Warranty - Skotero CO UK


Warranty provisions

SKOTERO is a registered trademark of Orange Ventures B.V.
(whenever scooter is mentioned, it is also meant as step.)

Article 1 Warranty
1.1 Orange Ventures B.V. guarantees that the SKOTERO scooters are free of construction and / or material errors to the extent of this warranty.

1.2 If during the warranty period the product proves to be defective due to defects in material or performance, Orange Ventures B.V. or a SKOTERO dealer in the warranty area will repair or replace the product or the defective parts at its own discretion without charge of labor or spare parts under the conditions listed below. Orange Ventures B.V. and the SKOTERO dealers can replace defective products or parts with new or refurbished products or parts. All replaced products and parts will become the property of Orange Ventures B.V.

1.3 This warranty is only granted within the warranty period and with the submission of the original invoice or receipt (stating the purchase date, model name and dealer) together with the defective product. Orange Ventures B.V. and SKOTERO dealers may refuse free warranty service if these documents are not presented or are incomplete or illegible. This warranty expires when the model name or serial number has been changed, deleted or made illegible.

1.4 The warranty can only be invoked by the first owner of the relevant SKOTERO product.

1.5 This warranty does not cover transportation costs or risks associated with the transport of your product to and from Orange Ventures B.V. or your SKOTERO dealer.

1.6 The warranty will expire in accordance with the provisions in articles 3.1 and 3.2. Regarding batteries and some electronics components, restrictive provisions as stated in article 5.2 apply.

1.7 The warranty provided by Orange Ventures B.V. on the basis of these conditions does not affect the possibility to appeal to the seller on the basis of the ordinary statutory provisions of the Dutch Civil Code.

Article 2 Warranty period
2.1 You can only claim the warranty if you have filled in the warranty card and can present the original proof of purchase. The warranty card can be found in your manual or can be completed online at www.Skotero.eu/warranty-card. The warranty period starts on the day of purchase.

2.2 SKOTERO aluminum frames have a warranty of 2 years on construction and / or material faults; for SKOTERO steel frames also apply 2 years.

2.3 For suspension front forks, dampers, and all other parts, with the exception of the parts mentioned in the paragraph of this article, the same guarantee applies for a period of 1 year.

2.4 No warranty is given on parts subject to wear and tear, such as tires, chain, chain rings, freewheel, rear gears, cables and brake blocks, unless there are construction and / or material faults.

2.5 For other parts, if properly maintained, a warranty of 1 year applies. See Article 5 for additional provisions.

Article 3 Warranty exclusions

3.1 The warranty expires in the following cases:

  1. Incorrect and / or careless use of the SKOTERO product and use that is not in accordance with the intended use;
  2. The SKOTERO product is not maintained in accordance with the service booklet;
  3. Technical repairs have not been carried out in a professional manner;
  4. Afterwards assembled parts do not match the technical specification of
  5. the relevant electric scooter or are incorrectly fitted;
  6. If the proof of ownership, which shows that the electric scooter has been professionally assembled and checked before it was delivered to the customer, is not present or has not been signed by the seller;

The SKOTERO product with pressurized water is sprayed clean, such as with a garden hose and / or a high-pressure sprayer;

3.2 Furthermore, explicit exclusion of liability of Orange Ventures B.V. for damage to (parts of) the electric scooter as a result of:

  1. Incorrect adjustment / tension of handlebars, stem, saddle, seat post, brakes, fast shuttles of the wheels and spoke tension if applicable;
  2. Not timely replacement of parts such as brake, brake pads, tires, chain and gears;
  3. Incorrect or insufficient lubrication of rotating parts and / or parts for which this has been specified.
  4. Climatic influences such as normal weathering of paint, rust or chrome rust.

3.3 The electric scooter is intended for private use.

The professional use such as rental or other intensive commercial use is excluded from the warranty.

Article 4 Warranty parts
4.1 During the warranty period all parts, of which Orange Ventures B.V. has been established that there is a material and / or construction fault, repaired or reimbursed at Orange Ventures B.V’s option. Any costs of (dis) assembly are at the expense of Orange Ventures B.V.

4.2 Costs of transporting the SKOTERO product and / or parts to and from Orange Ventures B.V. will be on the account of the owner, unless the part in question is eligible for a warranty. Prior consultation must take place regarding the manner of transport to the service center (Orange Ventures B.V. or the local dealer).

4.3 If a certain part qualifies for warranty and the original is no longer available, then Orange Ventures B.V. takes care for a minimum equivalent alternative.

Article 5 Additional warranty conditions
5.1 Consult the manual of your SKOTERO product for the supplementary warranty conditions.

5.2 Warranty period for electronics parts:

SKOTERO electric scooters: electric motor, controller and charger: 2 years.

Extra provisions battery

1. SKOTERO battery warranty period; Li-ion battery: 2 years.
2. If the batteries, chargers or electronics parts show fall damage, the warranty will expire.
3. Normal wear / reduction of battery capacity is not covered by the warranty. Batteries lose capacity over time. Li-ion batteries also lose capacity when they are not used. Batteries that are not used for more than one month can discharge themselves. Batteries that have less than 10% power must be charged immediately otherwise they will be irreparably damaged and will not be covered by the warranty. Orange Ventures B.V. guarantees that within 1 year of purchase the battery will retain at least 70% of its specified capacity, provided that the charging and maintenance requirements of the battery are met. If the warranty of the battery is longer than one year, its capacity loss is guaranteed to be less than 30% per year.

Article 6 Submission of claim
6.1 Claims under this warranty must be submitted under the offer of the electric scooter or the relevant part through the SKOTERO dealer from whom the electric scooter was purchased. At the same time, the proof of purchase as well as the proof of ownership supplied with the electric scooter must be handed over to the dealer.

6.2 If the owner has moved or the dealer is no longer available, Orange Ventures B.V. will, on request, provide the nearest SKOTERO dealer.

Article 7 Warranty area
7.1 The warranty area is limited to the European countries in which Orange Ventures B.V. itself delivers.

Article 8 Liability
8.1 A by Orange Ventures B.V. honored warranty claim does not automatically mean that Orange Ventures B.V. also accepts liability for any consequential damage, material or immaterial. The liability of Orange Ventures B.V. never extends further than is described in these warranty conditions.

Any liability of Orange Ventures B.V. for consequential damage is explicitly excluded.

The provisions of this provision do not apply if and insofar as this ensues from a mandatory legal provision.

Article 9 Exclusions and limitations
9.1 Except as stated above, Orange Ventures B.V. gives no warranty (neither explicit, implicit, legal, nor any other) with regard to quality, performance, accuracy, reliability, suitability for a particular purpose or any other quality of the product or being part of it.

If this exclusion is not or not fully authorized by the applicable legislation, the exclusion or limitation of the Orange Ventures B.V. warranty will only apply to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable legislation. Any warranty that cannot be fully excluded (to the extent permitted by applicable law) is limited to the duration of this warranty.

This warranty obliges Orange Ventures B.V. only to repair or replace the products that fall under the conditions of this warranty.

Orange Ventures B.V. is not responsible for any loss or damage related to products, service, this warranty or other, including – economic or tangible losses – the price paid for the product – loss of profit or income, loss of data, user experience of the product or other related products – indirect, secondary or consequential damage or loss. This applies irrespectively of whether this damage or loss is related to defective or non-functioning of the product or related products due to defects or because the product is not available while it is at Orange Ventures B.V. or a SKOTERO dealer, leading to downtime, loss of usage time or an interruption of proceedings. This applies to loss and compensation under any legal interpretation, including negligence and other unlawfulness, breach of contract, explicit and implicit warranty, and civil liability (even if Orange Ventures B.V. or a SKOTERO dealer has been notified of the possibility of such compensation).

If the applicable legislation prohibits or restricts such exclusions of liability, public transport excludes its liability or limits it to the maximum permitted by the applicable legislation. For example, in certain countries it is forbidden to exclude or limit compensation for negligence, gross negligence, willful misconduct, deception and similar acts. Orange Ventures B.V’s liability under this warranty shall under no circumstances go beyond the price paid for the product, but if the applicable law only permits higher liability limitations, the higher restrictions apply.

9.2 Consumers have legal rights under the applicable national laws relating to the sale of products to end users. This warranty does not affect any legal rights that you may have, nor rights that cannot be excluded or limited, nor rights to the person from whom you purchased the product. You may exercise all rights that you have at your discretion.