Skotero - Safety warnings when using the electric scooter


ATTENTION: wherever (electric) scooter is mentioned, it is also meant as electric scooter.
This manual contains important information. Read it carefully for the safety of yourself and others. It is your responsibility to carefully follow this manual and its instructions and to also make it known to others. Make sure that others understand the instructions and safety issues well. We advise you to regularly read the instructions with possibly any other drivers of the scooter. You can check the scooter for any defects as well.

Driving an electric scooter or electric step can be a dangerous activity. Scooters and steps are means of quick transportation. This makes it possible for a dangerous situation to arise. One can lose control or fall. Always wear sufficient protection (helmet, elbow, knee and wrist protection). Without this protection it can happen that the rider can seriously injure himself or even possibly die. Use of the scooter is entirely at your own responsibility. Pay full attention, the supplier can never be held liable for and / or through incorrect use and / or errors on your part.

✓ Always wear protective clothing, complemented with a helmet, knee & elbow protectors.
✓ Always wear a helmet while driving and fasten its belt!
✓ Always wear shoes.
✓ Drive on a smooth, preferably asphalted, surface as far away from motorized traffic as possible.
✓ Avoid sharp edges, pits and transition to another surface. It is possible that the wheels will get caught in it.
✓ Avoid streets and grounds with water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves and other disturbances.
✓ Wet weather affects braking and visibility, pay extra attention.
✓ Preferably do not use the scooter in the evening or at night.
✓ The brakes become warm when used frequently. Do NOT touch them after braking.
✓ Avoid high speeds by driving downhill.
✓ Owners of our scooters must help others as long as necessary to adjust and unfold the scooter before using it.
✓ Follow local laws and traffic regulations at all times.
✓ Watch out for pedestrians.
✓ Do not use the scooter at a weight of more than 100 kilos.
✓ The air spring or suspension is filled with high pressure air and / or oil / grease. Therefore, NEVER disassemble the suspensions, NEVER destroy them and / or never throw them in an open fire! This could cause the suspension to explode.
✓ The battery is an important part of the electric scooter and electric step.
Adhere to the guidelines as described in the manual.
In general, you must use the original charging cable and adhere to the charging instructions.
1. Place the battery away from fire or a corrosive environment;
the battery is flammable and can explode.
2. Do not stain or remove the battery housing label.
3. Do not open the battery housing as to prevent damage to the interior parts.
Contact the local sales point or after-sales service immediately if the battery is not charging.
4. When the scooter is not used for a long time, you need to recharge the scooter periodically, i.e. every 20-30 days, to keep the battery in good condition.
If the battery is defect and must be disposed of, comply with the locally applicable guidelines for disposal of chemical waste.
✓ The use by children under 16 is prohibited.
✓ Be alert at all times.
✓ Always apply the warnings previously mentioned!
Failure to do so may result in serious injury.
✓ The use is entirely at your own risk, be careful.
✓ Inspect the electric scooter every time before driving.
✓ Proper inspection and regular maintenance of the scooter can reduce or prevent the risk of injury.
✓ Check the local (traffic) rules to see how you can legally use the scooter.
✓ In some areas, states and countries it is ALWAYS mandatory to wear a helmet.
Check carefully how this is arranged for you.

In the Netherlands: the use of a non-European approved scooter is only allowed on private property. Use on public roads is only permitted by law if the scooter is certified as “special moped” or has European approval and the user meets the legal requirements.