Skotero - Legislation electric step and electric scooter

Legislation for the electric scooter

From all our Skotero models, only the Skotero Humley currently complies with the legislation of the ‘moped’ and can therefore be used on public roads in almost all of Europe. The other scooters can only be used on own property.

Furthermore, the following traffic rules apply to special mopeds:
• you do not need a driver’s license;
• you do not need to apply for a registration number;
• you do not have to wear a helmet;
• you must keep to the right as far as possible;
• you must insure the vehicle;
• the vehicle must have an insurance tag and a vehicle identification number;
• the maximum speed is 25 kilometers per hour;
• lighting is mandatory at night and in poor visibility. You can do this with separate lights.
• the vehicle must always have red and white / yellow reflectors;
• if there is a (brom) bike path, you must ride on it;
• disabled people under the age of 16 are allowed to ride a special moped. They must have an PT-Supervisor card, Valyspas or WMO pass;
• disabled people are allowed to drive on the sidewalk. They must have an PT-Supervisor card, a Valyspas or a WMO pass. The maximum speed is 6 kilometers per hour;
• the government has designated the vehicle as a special moped.

Motorcycle or moped
• A motor scooter with a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour is a moped. If the maximum speed is 45 kilometers per hour, then the law regards the motor scooter as a motorcycle.

Traffic rules for the motor scooter
To drive a motor scooter on the public road you must:
• be at least 16 years old;
• have a moped driver’s license (AM). Do you have a motorcycle license (A) or car license (B)? Then you automatically receive AM on your new driver’s license;
• abide by the traffic rules that applies to moped riders and motorcyclists;
• use the bike / moped path. If this is missing, use the roadway;
• insure the motor scooter;
• wear a helmet if the motor scooter can ride faster than 25 kilometers per hour. View the requirements for a helmet on the website of the Public Prosecution Service;
• have a motor scooter with a license plate.
Your motor scooter must have a Dutch or European type-approval mark and type-approval number.

Electric scooter or e-step

An electric step or electric scooter, which runs on rechargeable batteries, is only allowed if it has been designated by the Minister as a special moped. Other electric scooters are therefore not allowed on public roads.

Separate rules apply to the special moped. He must be insured and you must follow the traffic rules for moped riders. The minimum age is 16, and you do not need a helmet or driver’s license.


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