SSkotero - the electric step for professionals with a sense of business


Orange Ventures chooses for sales via the two-wheeler sector, both in the Netherlands and beyond. Real dealers with real stores. These dealers and their showrooms have almost always a website. Our products can also be ordered online.

Electric scooters from Skotero are not toys. These are serious means of transport that require an explanation from a specialist. Of course you can always admire the step by a specialists and test drives are often no problem at all.
Our dealers know the product to the detail, know the regulations and do not sell nonsense.
Your Skotero scooter will be delivered after the dealer has made the scooter ready for you to use. A full battery, all parts checked again and an explanation about how to use.

Our dealers have expert knowledge and the right tools for maintenance and repair. All parts are in our warehouse and are within 24 hours at our dealer so that repair can always be done quickly and professionally.

Our dealer listens to your wishes and chooses the right model within your budget for the right application.

In addition, they provide, if desired, a registration number that can be issued by Orange Ventures as an RDW certified company.
Our dealers can also arrange your compulsory insurance and provide a suitable lease offer. In addition, they explain the tax compensation that you can adjust with your employer.

We trust these professionals as much as they have confidence in our expertise.

Service and quality, to keep your Skotero in top form: that’s what we and our dealers are there for.