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Tetrod – ABE

A very solid folding system, a wide deck, a 36V 300 W engine and large solid wheels make the Tetrod an unmistakably great scooter in the Skotero collection.


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Skotero Tetrod electric scooter
Skotero Freeze Product


The Freeze is the basic version of the beautiful Freeze series
from the Skotero collection. The strong battery provides a good
operating range for covering large distances and steep slopes.


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Freeze XR – ABE

The Freeze XR has all the luxury and power of the other Freeze model and is equipped with even more extras. The Freeze XR has the same large wheels, but has front and rear suspension.


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Skotero Freeze XR electric scooter
Skotero Curve


The design of the Curve is groundbreaking in the large selection of electric scooters.


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Bamox – ABE

Cramped hands or a painful wrist are a thing of the past thanks
to the foot accelerator. This is what distincts the Bamox from
the rest.


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Skotero Bamox electric scooter
Skotero stepley electric scooter

Stepley – ABE

The powerful 48V 500 W engine and large battery make it ideal as a small-scale mountaineer. Long distances or the heavy burden of climbing hills and mountains are no problem.


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Force XR – ABE

The FORCE XR is equipped with approved front and rear lighting and has ECE approved reflectors at the front, sides and rear. These provide more visibility during the early and late hours of the day or in bad weather.


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Skotero Force XR electric scooter
Skotero Bonsa

Bonsa – ABE

Comfort – that is what our Bonsa is known for.
The dynamic front and rear suspension, the wide running board and the powerful but noiseless motor make riding the Skotero Bonsa very relaxing.


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Extreme XR – ABE

The Extreme XR is now equipped with approved front and rear lighting, with ECE approved reflectors on the front, side and rear. These ensure clear visibility during the early and late hours.


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Skotero Extreme XR
Rentus-800x587 (1)

Rentus – ABE

Especially for our customers we have developed an extremely solid rental scooter. The Rentus is specially built for easy renting with its own corresponding app.


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The characteristics of Skotero

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Our products run on clean energy, electricity. How beautiful it would be if our windmills made sure that we could travel from A to B. That time is now. Electric bikes, electric cars and now our hypermodern electric scooters.

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Smart mobility

Foldable is the new smart mobility. Take these lightweights out of your trunk, fold them out in 1 second and ride the last miles on your foldable scooter to work. Put it next to your desk or take it to the café.

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Our electric scooters can be folded at lightning speed. We use strong top quality batteries from LG, Samsung and Panasonic and powerful brushless motors with high torque. Up to 25 km / h and no slope too steep.

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Relax after work or on weekends with friends in a park or just on a terrace. Leave the car and take those miles with your scooter. Zig-zag at your leisure to the best places. You are cool, hip and you dare. That’s what we call playful.

Happy users

  • Hurray, I'm mobile again! After 3 months hospital I can function again, I’ve trouble walking and cannot use any bike, not even electric ones, because they are too high. I started searching on the computer for something that would help me. I have looked at everything, both technically and user-friendly, and from the many models my Skotero Extreme came out as the number one match. I live in a hectic region, with slopes of up to 25%. I’ve already ridden 190 km with it and I am amazed by its performance. Rides smoothly everywhere and it is nice that you can nod “good day” to a cyclist while you silently pass by them over a slope. Furthermore it is still getting used to, but I've mastered it. I’m 84 years old, but I feel young again! I can take it on the train or with my car. With a battery charge I can ride up to 70 - 75 km far with my 83 kg and the scooter, a solid means of transport for people with a disability like me, can ride smoothly everywhere through the region Geraardsbergen, known for its wall in the round of Flanders where many riders come to train for its heavy course (I haven’t ridden on the wall yet, Lompe Kaseideweg). And I, I’m living again!

    > Petrus

  • We have bought 2 Urban scooters because of the attractive price. We use these scooters on our boat. They are loaded in the storage locker. Ideal for quick groceries in the places where we dock. We only use our rather heavy folding bicycles for big day trips. The scooters are charged super-fast and the suspension of the front wheel is great.

    > Beau

  • I recently started riding an electric scooter from Skotero through the cyclist tunnel in Rotterdam. The Maastunnel has been closed in one direction for the next two years. Very annoying if you work just beyond the Maastunnel. I park my car for free of charge near Waalhaven, unfold the electric scooter and ride the last miles to work on my beautiful Skotero Speeder through the cyclist tunnel! Nice and fast and without effort; also the climb in the 2nd part of the tunnel is no problem at all. I put him in the wardrobe in my office. Awesome!

    > Astrid

  • The distances of our company premises are enormous. Formerly on the bike and now on a super strong and comfortable Extreme. Not the cheapest out there, but with a range of 60 kilometers I do not have to worry about an empty battery at the end of the day. And taking parts with you is no problem. The footboard is very wide and the carrying capacity of our scooter is very large.

    > Carolien